The end is not yet in sight

At the weekend someone was talking to me about how much they used to enjoy the last week or so of term when they were a child, the days of watching DVDs and the day they could bring games in to play. Most schools seem to break up on Friday but we still have a week and a half to go.

I went into work early, I had two meetings booked this morning, the first starting at 8:00am to look at an outside agency report with parents (8:00am may be early but it suited the outside agency and the parent and I’m there by then anyway ) and the second at 9:00am with the same outside agency and a different set of parents. The children arrived, the doors opened and the day could have been any day this year really.

As we walked round the school the only thing at all different was that Reception were being taught in Nursery because the new Reception children were in for a day. Lessons were as they always are, there were the normal, predictable, few who were making unsuitable choices. The office ladies were rushed off their feet, I had letters to write, children to work with, reports to produce, phone calls to make and data to analyse.

Tomorrow I have some end of year progress to look at and the Upper Key Stage 2 play is being performed to the parents, perhaps this will make it seem more like the end of term but I doubt it. Wednesday is just a normal day, there is nothing remotely exciting happening that could get the children thinking it is nearly the end of term. Thursday is transition morning where the children who are changing teachers get to spend some time in their new class.

At the end of the week we will have some children out on their reward trips, children who have met a strict set of criteria for 1, 2 or 3 terms this I’m sure will start to make it feel like nearly the end of term – but the end of this week seems a long way away.

Next week we will be getting ready to say goodbye to the head teacher. A head who has been there for longer than every child in the school, an event has been organised for Monday afternoon. Tuesday is the leavers assembly and Wednesday we actually break up. How will the children cope with this? Children who do not like change, children who don’t react well to the end of term at the best of times… I’m sure that they will all be fine but we will have lots of tears off everyone but that still seems a long way off. The end is not yet in sight.

The end is not yet in sight

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