Nearly there.

So tomorrow we break up. I will officially have been a SENCO for a year. It’s been a great and interesting year – not without its challenges.

I have applied for and got several EHCPs, I have applied for and got specialist placements for 2 children, I have completed my safeguarding training – and had to use it. I have had numerous meetings with external agencies, I have listened to the trials and tribulations of many parents, I have followed their pregnancies almost from conception through to the birth of their baby last week. I have had two parents (both mums) drop their trousers in my office (so that I can see the bad cut on their leg and the other so I can see how the scar on her stomach is reacting and stretching with her pregnancy). I have been hit and sworn at by children. I have had calmed down irate parents who have been upset by other parents in the playground. I have seen some amazing work by some amazing children, I have given out stickers, I have even given out smelly stickers! My room at lunchtime looks like a mix between a crèche and a youth group with children of all ages playing Lego and making magnetic constructions.

The paperwork is just about never ending, the work more than expands to fill the time available. The people I work with have been lovely and supportive and (at least outwardly) tolerant of my learning on the job. I have completed the first module of my SENCO course and the summer will need to be spent completing the second and my portfolio.

I’ve completed trips and outings – the choir sang in a local theatre at Christmas and more recently in Salisbury Cathedral. I have taken some children on reward lunches and others on the reward trip to Legoland.

My job has had more sides to it than I had ever imagined and my lack of managerial skills has probably shown but I have a team of TAs who have worked hard to help all of our children and helped them make progress despite my fumbling attempts to lead them. I have learned to do appraisals and lead their meetings. I seem to have inherited leading ICT and also receiving letters to the music co-ordinator – do I mind? Not at all.

Do I miss being in class with “my” children? I might if I had the time! Do I regret taking a leap into the unknown and doing this job? Definitely not. Is it what I expected? No!

I’ve started this blog and enjoy writing it but perhaps next year I’ll have to rename it “Rather random thoughts of a nearly new SENCO” instead!

Nearly there.

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