The art of distraction

We see it all of the time in school, we set a task and John’s pencil needs sharpening then he needs the toilet then he can’t find a rubber then a spaceship arrived on the playground and he had to look – strange how it disappeared by the time you got there….

We chastise the children gently and tell them to get on with the task in hand checking they understand. Today is assignment writing day – I’m less than enthusiastic. I have started, I have my trusted copy of Cohen and Manion open beside me, I’ve printed off my plan, I have forms and questionnaires and notes. I have a deadline, the personal one is 4 days time so that I get it finished before my holiday, the actual on is 4 weeks time.

I know that I have to complete this assignment, there are no options. It is  legal requirement but it is boring! I know I chose the action research and that bit was fine but writing putting in lots of references is still tedious. I could sum it all up for them in 200 words, it would be quick to write and the conclusions would be much more obvious to everyone. Do they really need to know that this is also what Smith and Jones found in 1972 but it varies from the results of West and Brown in 2014?

So am I being dedicated and sensible and just getting on with it so that I can enjoy my holiday knowing my assignment has finished? Of course not! I have put on the washing, emptied the bins, had a cup of tea and got started. I wrote 160 words towards the 1000 of the methodology when I decided I needed to write this blog. I am going to return to writing the serious stuff now; I need 5000 words in total – about 10 days worth of blogs.

Hang on, I’ve just heard the washing machine finish, it would be a shame to waste the nice weather at the moment so perhaps I’ll just hang out the washing and then I’ll do it – unless I notice other jobs that are more essential first of course!

The art of distraction

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